Paradoxical development

Quality tools done right, delivered simply. Dockerized applications that make your life easier.




A distributed queue built on Cassandra. Massively scaleable, lightweight, and easy to use. Based off of casandra and exposed with a simple REST based client get at least once delivery, invisibility, pop receipts and horizontal scaleability.


Manage your jenkins in style! Keep jobs up to date off standard templates. Need to make a change to 30 jobs at once? Want to standardize your companies/teams jenkins workflow? Francois can make it happen

Meet the team

Our philosophy

Our philsophy is to build great tools and have fun doing them. We want tooling to be easy, robust, well documented and scaleable. There's nothing more annoying than finding a great application and then being confounded on how to use it, or to spend the experience fighting it the whole time.

With this in mind we strive to be transparent in our development and encourage community involvement so that we can produce the best that we can. We use open source solutions like slack, travis, github, and focus on iteration and continuous integration/deployment.